Hitting the Mark Firearms Training - NC Concealed Carry Handgun Training
Information last updated: December 2, 2018

For the convenience of Hitting the Mark Firearms Training (HTMFT) customers, we are taking the next step in customer service. We will begin offering on-line sign up and payment services for those who wish to schedule a class in advance. More details to follow as we set this feature up. In the meantime, here is the information required for internet sales:

  1. Description of Services
    HTMFT offers firearms training services as described on the "Course Catalog" page of this website.

  2. Refund Policy
    HTMFT does not offer refunds. Rescheduling is at the sole discretion of HTMFT by mutual agreement with the student.

  3. Terms and Conditions
    Payment is in full and in advance of services. Payment may be by credit/debit card on-line, or in person depending on the mutual agreement between the customer and HTMFT. Payment may also be by check, money order, or cash. Cost of services may change at any time.

  4. Shipping/Delivery Policy
    Services are generally delivered at the HTMFT location. By mutual agreement, services may be delivered at other locations. All services are delivered face-to-face in a classroom/range location. 

  5. Customer Service
    HTMFT is a Sole Proprietorship of Mark D. Cline. All Customer Service inquiries should be directed to:

    Mark D. Cline
    8715 Bromley Road 
    Hillsborough, NC 27278




  6. Security and Privacy Policy
    HTMFT understands the importance of the security of our customer's information and privacy. HTMFT only collects standard information (ie: name, address, phone numbers, etc.). That information is not stored electronically. Customer information is not shared with any other entity for any other purposes. From time-to-time HTMFT communicates with customers via an email newsletter. Therefore, email addresses are saved in a secure group mailbox and are not visible to individual recipients. 

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