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Information Last Updated: May 1, 2018

Here are some of my favorite links: ***UNDER CONSTRUCTION!***

The Law of Self Defense 3rd Edition

Attorney Andrew Branca's Indispensable Guide for the Armed Citizen!

An absolute MUST read for anyone who wants to know the truth about the laws governing use of force in self defense/defense of others. 

Andrew explains legal principles and processes in plain English. He covers in great detail the 5 Elements of Legal Self Defense. How to interact with the police after a defensive encounter. And, how to build a Legally Sound Defense Strategy. 

Also accessible from this link are the Law of Self Defense Seminars. State specific live seminars are available in several venues around the country. Andrew is making these seminars available on DVD as well. And, he is working on more avenues to make this information as available to as many people as possible. 

OK, so, as Andrew says: "You have a gun so you're hard to kill...know the Law of Self Defense so you're hard to convict!" I would add that you would be hard charge because you should know enough about the legalities of the use of deadly force for defensive purposes. 

Let's go a step further! Let's look at legal defense in the aftermath of a situation where you were forced to defend yourself, and others. Think about "Self Defense Legal Insurance". The financial cost of defending yourself will be ASTRONOMICAL! Think HUNDREDS of Thousands to MILLIONS! Here are a few programs to consider:

United States Concealed Carry Association

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